Brief discussion on the development process of orange Web

Shenyang Yellow Pages Information Technology Service Co. Ltd. was incorporated on January 2003, from its inception, the company has always been oriented to enterprises and institutions engaged in providing professional Internet service. The company’s main business has two parts: one is to provide enterprises from the website construction and maintenance, website promotion through-train service website construction, the other one is operating independently developed large B2B e-commerce platform for the exchange of information "page" orange and orange, the operation and development of the company as the most important. The long-term operation of the project.

on orange page:


page is to provide self-help, information dissemination, dissemination of information of the membership of a large business information exchange platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in all walks of life all over the country, in January 2005 officially launched the three basic operations to provide long-term services for enterprises registered members: self-help, information dissemination, information dissemination, existing from all walks of life all over the country registered enterprises membership of nearly ten 10000.

self-help Station: it takes only a few minutes to register a user in the orange page, and improve the enterprise information, through the audit, you can immediately have a business intelligence business website. Features: saving time, manpower, material and financial resources, easy to use, powerful dynamic website, simple and convenient management, personalized style and features can be customized, free maintenance, free promotion.

information release: members can be issued in accordance with the needs of real-time business dynamics, product information, supply, recruitment and other business information. Features: unlimited release, a little release, multi flowering, simple and convenient timeliness strong, you can achieve independent rankings.

information promotion: there are two common ways to promote the orange page website, self-service promotion: members are using their own members of the short-term promotion of self promotion. Package promotion: Orange page professional promotion team using proprietary technology to promote long-term. Features: either way, orange pages many information will be included in Baidu Google and other large search engines, especially our professional team promotion packages, most of them can be achieved very prominent position, more than 95% of the visitors are realized by the way of the search keywords in the search engine. Not only access a large amount of effective and strong, this is one of the important characteristics of orange page service.