Ali and postal cooperation Ma wants to build a strong logistics circle

recently, Ali and China post reached a cooperation, Ma is to build a strong logistics circle, logistics company Taobao online has been more complicated, such as: STO, daily express, rhyme delivery etc.. The electricity supplier has spawned the development of express industry, as the last step of the website, express great significance, because the company does not express dragons and fishes jumbled together to facilitate unified management and. And in many small courier companies, courier service quality is very poor, such as: the phenomenon of frequent damage to the parcel, courier service attitude is poor, these are the courier industry needs to enhance the part.


With the development of Taobao

, Jingdong and other large electricity supplier website, and now more and more people in the city online shopping, and online shopping has become the main consumer habits of young people. However, the number of online shopping has gradually saturated, but in the majority of cities and towns away from the city, there are a large number of potential consumer groups. Future electricity supplier needs to go to many towns, and even the vast rural areas, and urban and rural areas, the lack of these places is the courier service. Taobao, Tmall and other electricity supplier website to enter the urban and rural areas, it is necessary to solve the express link.

in the country, I am afraid that the coverage is the most extensive courier service, if you can use the postal service as a courier service in Taobao online shopping. So in many cities and towns can be directly in the Taobao shopping, with the popularity of computers, online shopping will no longer be the mainstream of young people shopping, some elderly people can learn to use the computer to shop. Because the electricity supplier has really changed our lives, compared with other courier companies, China Post has obvious advantages. So Ali will choose to cooperate with Ma Yun’s goal is to enter the field of urban electricity supplier, of course, this may just be a new attempt.

to "Taobao" and "Jingdong", there are many online services Taobao express company, for example, Yuantong express, rhyme delivery through courier, and Jingdong have their own courier company. This can facilitate the upgrading of the quality of courier services, courier companies for the electricity supplier website is very important, is one of the most important part of after-sales service. In the case of little difference in product quality, users are more willing to choose a good after-sales service provider site, especially some small courier companies, often appear violent sorting phenomenon. So that the damage to the consumer’s valuables, and now the industry is still a lack of clear rules and systems, it is difficult for consumers to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Ma and China Post cooperation, I believe this is just the first step to build the logistics circle Ma, the new logistics model must be wide coverage. Because cities, rural areas may be the main position of the future development of the electricity supplier, Ma build their own logistics circle, not only can improve the logistics industry, but also to adapt to the trend of development of electricity providers.

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