Full network by Groupon famous self hype

Groupon, CO funded by the Tencent and Yunfeng fund group purchase website has been officially launched a, although not officially opened but the discussion on the site has been rampant. Gaopeng launched on February 28th, and it was announced in March 1st afternoon, the site has more than 100 thousand registered.


before this, Gaopeng’s line, there are a lot of problems, but because of its two major cooperation, the former is the originator of group purchase website, rejected Google’s takeover, and the latter is one of the largest number of web users worldwide, has almost become Chinese users of Internet software necessary. The cooperation between the two, the appearance of this effect, but also some.

of course, the domestic group purchase website, more is not optimistic about the arrival of the last guest, "like Google The climate does not suit one., leaving the mainland Chinese. But there are also sites to see and discuss the cause of the high reputation, also took the opportunity to do some publicity and speculation, now this "speculation" this is no longer a unique star, and this site is recently in the Internet information often appear in the full network".

full network domain name registration "full house" long-standing story exposure

VS full war Gaopeng hot lead behavior condemned


not leading the love full Gaopeng group purchase website micro-blog selected to start

Groupon will carry a net "anti G



such a title, often seen in the recent e-commerce information section. Not click go to see, familiar people have already seen, this article just took the opportunity to self hype. He said the soft, "war", but all along only see the full network of one-man show. Even last week, full network launched a new advertising slogan "in Gaopeng full network, and Groupon companies in China for Gaopeng" full house "meaning and brand.

self hype, this behavior, which is the most common in the Taobao forum, a shopkeeper if you want to become famous, there is traffic, then self hype is also one of the courses will be taught. Therefore, can not be denied, in this way a lot of the hype after that full capacity will be rising, now the Internet is not only the quality, is to attract the attention of the work. There are products, but the product can let customers know that it is the need for knowledge.

today, the Internet is not only the ability to operate the site, but also the ability to pr. Now the guest arrival, have an effect on how the domestic group purchase website will, in the crowd.

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