The huge benefits of incoming special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival glory small K three

Spring Festival is approaching, the glory of the war started, "2016 glory special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival" shock on the line. In addition to preferential purchase, children’s wearable products K will also benefit the glory of millions of children during the event, single stand by 50 yuan.


it is understood that the festival promotion platform involves special purchases for the Spring Festival HUAWEI Mall (, Jingdong (, Tmall mall, HUAWEI flagship store ( three platforms, from January 18th to 21 March -1, January 18th -1 month 20 days straight down 3 days, the price of 50 yuan. The evening of January 21st 20:00-22:00 night sales period will also be synchronized to the price of 50 yuan, the actual purchase price of 638 yuan. Also note that the fashion fan light luxury Chaopin glory Bracelet zero (including belt version) will be the price of 30369 yuan from the sale price.

is involved in the promotion of small K Festival special purchases for the Spring Festival glory children phone watch cover toy, super Marines, snow romance, iron man, Captain America and princess Disney six version of the theme. All watches are drawn from the theme of Disney and marvel animation elements, theme, color and body watchband complement each other, strong sense of harmony and unity, development. In all the watches, each one seems to be facing the two special population of children, their gentle, masculine.


as a new generation of children watch, the glory of small K color screen, touch watch anime show charm of a lot of extra points. First of all, the first color intake of children watch interface, Disney cartoon characters show the vivid, more delicate picture kids can see color screen built-in; in addition, according to the color touch screen, also carried out a careful proofreading of the glory of colors and brightness etc., to protect children’s eyesight is not affected. Furthermore, the increase of touch function, but also allows the use of common features and quick access to all functions in the same level, convenient and fast switching. By pressing, sliding mode of operation, even if the audience is 3 years of age children, but also to quickly grasp the background and function of the watch options.

reality, in the purchase of products, in addition to the appearance of the child has a very high demand, parents are most concerned about is safe. After understanding, after the authority of the state agencies radiation testing laboratory test results show that the glory of tyre, small K radiation value is the European standard 1/10. In general the mobile phone for example, glory small K radiation only for iPhone 6 and 1/3, low amount of radiation is almost negligible. In addition, the glory of the small K also passed the national 3C certification, and access to the Ministry of industry and information technology issued CTA certification (telecommunications equipment into the network license), radio transmission equipment type approval certificate, but also achieved SRTC>