Babe network once again won the most trusted maternal electricity supplier leading brand

November 24th, sponsored by the Sina channel 2016 Sina parenting parenting "future + home" annual festival held at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun was invited to attend the ceremony. With a good reputation and unremitting pursuit of quality, the leading brand electricity supplier maternal babe network in the festival once again won the "China trustworthy maternal electricity supplier leading brand".


the most influential awards ceremony is "2016 China trustworthy maternal electricity supplier brand", and the particularity of the maternal industry is directly related to whether consumer trends would change consumer pursuit of product quality and safety, can never change, trust is the most important attribute of maternal industry. Babe network since its inception in 2014, always adhere to provide professional and reliable products and services for users, is now the largest, the largest number of users, increase the vertical business platform is the fastest, daily active users has exceeded 2 million, more than about 50000000 users to win the love and identity. Babe network once again winning, once again reflects the identity of the user industry, babe network, is the best encouragement for Beibei online line since adhere to the idea of building a reliable and professional maternal ecology.


is known to all, the mother is very sensitive to the quality and safety of a group of people concerned, this feature is particularly prominent in the consumer upgrade environment. The focus of babe network for product genuine quality is from the beginning, the buyers shopping experience, to control all aspects of authentic, quality, brand, packaging, logo, description of goods, quality inspection report, through various means and dimensions to ensure genuine quality, including improving the access threshold, the strict implementation of settled qualification; cooperation with the State Administration of quality inspection; establish and improve the inspection system; platform for the implementation of "self + pool" model, to ensure the supply of goods and. In the "mother economy" more market oncoming occasion, industry also needs a new order, especially the quality of products is the lifeblood of the mother, as a leader in the field of LED maternal genuine alliance, which also reflects the corporate social responsibility to play its larger pattern and babe.

babe network the award is not the first time the industry was identified as trustworthy. In the 2015 annual Sina annual festival cum Parenting Forum, a babe network named "2015 Chinese trustworthy brand maternal electricity supplier". In 2015 fifth of the Internet industry leader awards ceremony, won the "babe network and Jingdong with e-commerce industry annual the most trusted brand" title. Recently, the cumulative growth rate of 1079% with babe network strong and users in the development of continuous innovation and superior experience, the selected DDT high-tech high growth China 50 titles. Behind a variety of data and honor is a rapidly developing and trustworthy maternal electricity supplier brand leader babe network.

for the future development of babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun also said, "