n the face of traditional retailers back to how to deal with Amazon

physical retailers have had enough time to deploy for the fight against online shopping. In the first week of 2012 black Friday, retail stores have been through the commission free booking shopping, the lowest price guarantee measures and other measures to compete with Amazon and other electricity providers.

has been trying to challenge the physical retailer Amazon, and now found themselves have been targeted as physical retailers targeted attack. "Amazon is experiencing more and more from the giant retailer challenge," Morningstar analyst RJ Hottovy told the Reuters said, "Amazon’s profit in the quarter has been much affected, I don’t want to see the Amazon digital fell sharply in the fourth quarter."

therefore, Amazon does not stagnate in its past glory, nor expect consumers to be able to use its services just because they did it before. Amazon is taking action, to be exact, multi action.

, as you might expect, will offer its unique, black Friday extension, such as the ongoing "blitz" and a full week of black Friday promotions. These will continue to the Internet on Monday, not just 24 hours of action.

initiatives are much more aggressive than previous holiday promotions. At the beginning of November, Amazon has launched the liquor business, to cover the United States many states. Almost at the same time, Amazon announced that its Prime service to increase monthly options. In the past to enjoy Amazon Prime services need to pay $79 annual fee, and now, those who do not want to pay the annual fee of users can choose to pay $7.99 a month. When consumers join Prime, it will be considered that their consumption in the Amazon will soar. This is the case, consumers really want to use Prime’s two day free delivery service, to some extent, so that they do not go shopping elsewhere.

even like to shop by the search for the purchase of consumers, there is always a reason to end the search and shopping in the amazon. A study of Bloomberg news that Amazon is the best choice of toy shopping: "in November 8th 125 toys random survey, Amazon has 40% commodity prices lower than WAL-MART and WAL-MART, only 13% of the price below the amazon."

Another strategy is to expand its

Amazon locker scale. Last year, the world’s largest online sales site began to make it possible for his customers to shop online, such as convenience stores in 7-11. These lockers will also appear in the RadioShack (the famous American electronics retailer) and Staples (the famous office supplies company).

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