The suning com 6 big attraction for vertical business

recently has begun a large-scale category expansion, red child is in the bag, where customers, Le bee, and purchase has contact with, is likely to enter the strategic level. After this round of acquisitions and cooperation, has been greatly expanded in baby clothes, beauty, shoes, bags and other categories of SKU, then is likely to be in the food, medicine, tourism and other fields, Home Furnishing, group purchase online auto supplies, open a new round of acquisitions or looking for Strategic partners. At present, for various types of vertical electric organic attractive.

attraction one: brand awareness soared traffic resources rich

after nearly several months of advertising and E18 a few times to promote activities and several rounds of battle down, brand popularity rose, now has a rich flow of resources. Flow is the basis for the development of the electricity supplier, for vertical electricity supplier, after all they spend huge sums of money to buy traffic to enhance website sales, its electricity supplier in the capital market, the network advertisement price more expensivecircumstances now can get settled’s traffic support Why not?.

attractive two: category SKU in the expansion period is currently in the SKU period of expansion, this time need to develop industry support. It is also the vertical this time many SKU have settled would have more opportunities, more opportunities will be more sales, the performance of vertical electric providers are of great help. In addition, now vertical support for SKU construction, will be reciprocated, cooperation is mutual, as is a win-win situation.

attractive three: electricity providers have sufficient funds for the acquisition of

at present, the domestic electricity supplier capital market freeze, the vertical electric business is very difficult to find a new round of financing, but Suning book at least 20 billion of liquidity, it is enough to support the development of had already purchased the red child, do not rule out the next will buy other vertical electric providers to enrich their own business resources. Stock exchange with some money, presumably a lot of vertical electric commerce Suning willing to set their eyes on this tree, family, integration of resources, are good for and vertical electricity supplier.

attractive four: warehousing and logistics capabilities continue to enhance

Suning invested 15 billion huge sums of money to enhance the overall level of Suning logistics warehousing, to 2015 will be the base of the logistics of the 60, the center of the election of the 12 automation, the 5000 after-sales service outlets. This level of logistics construction is currently not an electricity supplier can be achieved, the vertical electricity supplier does not have this financial strength. The future efficiency of logistics distribution is crucial to the development of the electricity supplier, since vertical electricity supplier does not have enough money to make the logistics and distribution capacity to reach this level, not as good as the self built logistics funds saved close to >