Jingdong crowdsourcing on the line to encourage the square dance aunt express delivery

NetEase science and technology news May 14th news, recently, Jingdong O2O products – Jingdong home formally launched crowdsourcing logistics new model, the model was officially named Jingdong crowdsourcing".

is reported that Jingdong crowdsourcing is the extension and expansion of Jingdong home business, with the aid of social mobility, service more consumers. At present, due to the timeliness of the O2O itself has the characteristics of enterprises to promote continuous innovation to enhance the service experience. When the volume of business increased or increased sharply, with the distribution of power to complete the social networking platform is particularly important.

day before, "Jingdong Crowdsourcing" has completed the test work of internal recruitment, at the beginning of May by WeChat to recruit Beijing, Shanghai Crowdsourcing logistics personnel. The recruitment page shows, a smart mobile phone, at least in the 18 years of age can register as a Jingdong Crowdsourcing part-time home delivery staff, male or female, zero threshold, free time, after training posts, grab a single distribution can be obtained after the completion of a single 6 yuan reward.

since the beginning of the May "Jingdong Crowdsourcing" registration channels open, within a few days of rapid enrollment of nearly 2000 people, covering many different people, white-collar workers, college students, Internet workers are involved, there has been a "promising" of fresh products are more familiar with the square dance aunt uncle who also appeared in the. After Jingdong home staff training under the line, as of now there are about 100 people with a single delivery ability.