B2B e commerce marketing new applications two sales

according to the principle of marketing, every new customer development cost is to maintain an old customer’s 2-6 times, and Riker Hyde and Sasse’s theory even proposed: reducing loss rate per 5% of the customers, profits will increase 25%-85%. Combined with the principle of economics, to ensure product quality, reduce the cost of the enterprise is an important way to gradually expand market share, is to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, so as to maximize the profit.

who is in charge of the survival and development of enterprises?

in today’s society, the world science and technology progress with each passing day, the development of economic globalization, the reorganization of international production factors and industrial transfer speed up, more intense competition among enterprises. How to seek survival and development in this complex social environment is a problem that must be carefully considered in front of enterprises. Some enterprise management believes that there are many factors influence the survival and development of enterprises decide which, most people think that philosophy is the decisive factor, and product development, technology, market development and enterprise management are classified as secondary.

is precisely because of the existence of the development of the enterprise, so find a suitable for the development of the road has become inevitable.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Wen Bangchun pointed out that the survival and development of enterprises mainly rely on the company’s products to adapt to the environment. In order to promote the survival and development of enterprises, must be in product research, development and design process of in-depth research and consideration of these environmental factors, in order to make the research and development of products with good quality, low cost, short production cycle, less customer service service, make the products and a variety of environmental research and development always in a coordinated and harmonious.

of course, the above point of view is only to analyze the dependence of the production of the environment. There are different views also believe that enterprises to survive and develop in the market, we must take the market as the guide, to closely integrate the market, to study the market, we must create profits. The technology is subject to market demand, just for the use of. It was also pointed out that the enterprise management is the fundamental survival and development of enterprises. No matter what the impact of the factors, the only purpose is to allow enterprises to better development. However, this is not the only one method, standardized operation of the market, the establishment of scientific management mechanism, continuous innovation management is not a way out.

alternative business: e-commerce introduction of telemarketing

enterprise initial channel promotion and project research, rely on the most convenient and the most common means is sales. Sales is an opportunistic, in the increasingly active market economy, the situation does not sell means to abandon the market, and sales may not necessarily be able to win the market. However, companies will do so. Driven by the economic interests of enterprises will inevitably choose to copy the burden of sales to set up what the enterprise.

from the traditional trade between enterprises, witnessed the human and complex social environment, the loss of the enterprise