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technology can Tencent reported on June 7th

today is a historic day for foreign trade B2C. Lanting Pavilion Ltd (LightInTheBox Holding Co.) today evening officially landed on the NYSE, the first day to close at $11.61, compared with the issue price of $9.5 rose by 22.21%. The highest intraday price touched $12.69, higher than the issue price of $33.6%.

Lanting Pavilion set potential this plan to issue 8 million 300 thousand shares of ADS, the transaction code is LITB". The issue price of $9.5 per share, obtained by the IPO financing of approximately $78 million 850 thousand.

over the past year, the capital market has been in a downturn, in 2012, only two companies and YY landed in the U.S. capital markets. Lanting Pavilion set the potential to become the first successful China Internet Corporation listed in the United states.

Lanting Pavilion set potential successful listing of Chinese stocks will bring what kind of impact?

on the stock market is good but can not represent the listing window open

Qiming venture partner in charge of Tong Shihao, Lanting Pavilion is a normal set of potential gains., YY, Lanting Pavilion set potential listed, are the existing shareholders continue to invest in the case, in order to get market recognition, but also can not reflect the changes in the stock market in the capital market. These three companies are good, but it will take time for foreign investors to be more at ease." Tong Shihao believes that when the United States listed window open, you need to continue to look at the performance of a listed company, such as where to go.

investors who do not want to be named evaluation: Lanting Pavilion set potential opening up is a good start for the Chinese market is a good news. At the same time, he believes that Lanting Pavilion set potential stock prices, and the valuation is not high.

Internet commentators Hong Bo (micro-blog) evaluation, Lanting Pavilion set potential listed on the foreign trade B2C industry is a good thing. They are more emphasis on technology to do foreign trade B2C, performance will also make investors satisfied."

as to whether the United States listed window has been opened, Hong Bo think, can not just look at a company. Lanting Pavilion collection potential in China’s Internet industry is still relatively weak, the ability to drive China Internet Corporation after the listing was recognized by investors, it is difficult to say. Last year, YY,’s performance in the stock market are good, if there is a continuous Chinese companies have a good performance in the capital market, investors may change the concept of stocks."

Lanting Pavilion set potential IPO greater significance lies in the fact that the foreign trade B2C road can go through, but also to make foreign trade B2C business model more transparent. Foreign trade B2C spring has come?

foreign trade B2C brand transformation

due to the short supply chain and relatively low cost advantage, foreign trade B2C has a higher gross profit, which is the best foreign trade B2C >