With five years of time to do something to reveal what is worth buying let the user say power

takes five years to do one thing – to describe each item, and to give a value that is not worth buying. This is the online shopping information recommendation site, what is worth buying very proud of the point. But make it more clout, these contents are not only doing the website editor, mainly from the thousands on thousands of users.

over the past five years, what is worth buying has received a total of 1 million 600 thousand broke the news, the editor in the review of the articles on the contribution of the article after the release of the 48 thousand of the 70 thousand.

so much content also brings a huge amount of traffic. Smzdm.com ranked 262nd in the Alexa global website rankings, ranking first in China’s Internet site in the top 40. Users spend an average of more than 20 minutes per day on the site, browse more than 20 pages of content. In the mobile terminal, the user opens it 6 times a day, more than 5 users per week retained more than a month retained more than 6.

of course, more access means more transactions. In November 2014, the amount of orders from what is worth buying to achieve 3 million 600 thousand pens, thanks to its conversion rate of up to 8%.

latency of five years, what is worth buying never said any financing news, new product launch is silent. In the past the five anniversary of the press conference, the last fanfare into the public view, announced that the future direction is to build their own ecosystem, and revealed that the five major strategic direction to achieve "Consumer Portal", at the same time also announced a surprising news, former vice president of Jingdong intelligence group what is worth buying that Xin took over the position of CEO. Since then, the specific operation Xin is responsible for what is worth buying, CEO founder Sui Guodong will focus more on cooperation and investment.

in this regard, the industry pointed out that what is worth buying is not satisfied with just a people to buy things before going to look at the place, it wants to do more.

As for the new

CEO that Xin’s office, the industry is also speculation continued: five years of the big action means what is worth buying will transition? That Xin from the Jingdong, the Jingdong will be coming into the capital what is worth buying? That Xin different leadership style will have to buy what changes to what value


in this regard, the Xin billion state power network to do the one answer, and deeply talked about what is worth buying as well as their future plans after taking over as CEO will do.


What is worth buying

CEO that Xin

is a visual field, the same is the value of

in the Xin view, what is worth buying the team strength and enterprise culture is his most satisfying place, and he founder Sui Guodong and the entire team value also paved the way for his work.

"as the founder of the Sui general, corporate culture and direction of the control without doubt. He knows the team