Shen Tong involved in e commerce low key sword big blue train ticket e commerce

with the rapid development of the domestic e-commerce, traditional enterprises, online companies have diving e-commerce. Zhongguancun online smooth transformation of electronic commerce shunzhou; vertical information platform IT Yesky also launched a trial operation. The thermal version mall; express industry "ule" big line, SF EXPRESS also has a month online, most of the department store scale for the development of the situation.

for the courier industry involved in e-commerce, the industry generally believe that although the courier company to enter the e-commerce has its own advantages, has own nationwide floor terminal, terminal distribution logistics facilities, but in the process, payment, refund, transaction processing, customer service and other controversial unfamiliar areas still exist big problem, need to efforts to improve. Recently, one of the domestic logistics companies, STO has quietly begun to enter the pace of e-commerce. Although Shentong keep low-key work, but the electronic commerce business involved, really make people feel "big blue".

at present, its website started selling is the special period, the tickets for train service.

as an electronic ticket business, Ctrip, eLong and other ordering platform is common, but for the paper is still in the queue ticket ticket, but there is no relatively formal platform. It is reported that Shen Tong ticketing network from the beginning of last year has been organized and trial operation. In the last 15 months, China UnionPay signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Railways in Beijing, with mobile phones, telephone, Internet, automatic ticketing machines and other new ways to buy tickets will become possible. For the railway sector to online booking into substantive advance stage, industry parties can expressed considerable expectations, but for users, it is said that this move of expectations, especially in the Spring Festival and the National Day period, if you can put the network ticket, largely commuters queuing difficult, difficult problem ticket of course, as others did not have network of migrant workers, if through the network on the train ticket, the future through the telephone booking and ticket window will be more difficult.

how to make the window ticket, telephone booking, online booking quota reasonable, has become a major problem in the development of online ticketing.

and for the current booking ticket booking website, there are 4 parts, one is the train ticket denomination; the two is the agent fee of $5; three is the courier fee; the four is the online payment fee. For Shen Tong, the actual gain is booking, increase the volume of express. Person in charge said that for the current piece of business, but positioned in a value-added services, the short term does not expect to bring much revenue.

at present, Shen Tong in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing three of the day after the operation, from the train ticket types and gradually expand to other commodities, including their own R & D payment tool. For the Ministry of Railways network booking can realize people at home to the Internet to print the train ticket, with the identification of the two-dimensional code, you can take the train will affect the train ticket business to the train station to print the ticket.

Shen Tong official said, as long as the train ticket is still in real