The wedding photography die a pat contrarian seeking to complete the B round of financing

news June 14th, Internet start-ups find wedding photography finished tens of millions of dollars B round of financing, the new Laguna media CEO Wang Ziwen lead investor, fund it real and Huang Xiaoming Minca investment capital with. Since the second half of last year, the field of Internet wedding photography has experienced a wave of cold wave, find shot why can become an independent school



hunt was founded in December 2014, founder and CEO is Sun Peng, since its inception has been committed to the use of the Internet team and technology to simplify the traditional wedding process. In April 2015, for the first time to interview Sun Peng billion euros and reported for Beijing Paris wedding got 5 million yuan of angel financing news; November 2015, Europe was once again found billion finished it real fund 10 million yuan A round of financing.

Sun Peng said to 100 million euros, after this round of financing, the company’s latest valuation of 200 million yuan, a new round of financing is mainly used to actively seize the market share of wedding photography, promote business expansion nationwide. Next, look for a shot may be the source of the new Li media advantage, try to film implants, TV implants and other forms of promotion, in addition, Huang Xiaoming has also become a spokesman for the film.

on the latest operational data, Sun Peng said, compared to November last year to get A round of financing, is currently seeking shot has been on the line APP, WeChat, the number of fans grew to 100 thousand, covering the city services expanded to Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou. In addition, in April this year to find a shot has been profitable, the product is still 4999 yuan and $two to maintain the price of a single city wedding photography monthly order has exceeded 300.

in the winter capital case, find pat contrarian completed B round of financing, chairman Zhang Bin believes that the search took made the following two things:

1 humanized product design.

allows users to take a beautiful picture, but also happy to take a beautiful photo. The traditional wedding shoot users need more than five times to communicate through the Internet to find store, take tools to reduce the user to store the number of service process, in order to get the photos, users only need to enter the shop again, save a lot of tedious process.

2 the studio limited resources used in the extreme.

at least 40% of the cost of the wedding photography industry in human and conventional marketing channels, low per capita efficiency. Found at present about 50 employees, mainly technical and operational cooperation, open studio.

Chinese according to bureau of statistics, 2020 China marriage market will reach 566 billion 300 million yuan, wedding photography is one of the four core industry in the field of marriage. With the development of the Internet, the channel back effect of wedding photography continues to grow, doubling the cost of network marketing. For the Internet wedding photography platform, the path of sustainable development is the construction of the brand, with the brand to achieve a high premium on user aggregation and profits.

had a cold for Internet wedding photography, Zhang Bin and Sun Peng think that the Internet industry trends is the wedding photo.