Sheng Lin how to use the Post Bar website promotion

talked about website promotion, most of the webmaster is not strange, but we have to promote the site and how many really understand it?

I want to really understand the webmaster website promotion is still very limited, I remember is almost in about 2000, the first batch of real owners just born, the webmaster more is the maintenance of the website, the website promotion is not related to the concept of. With the rapid development of the network, the development so far, now more and more webmaster website marketing (promotion) direction. I am also a new network promotion Commissioner, I was only last year to contact the concept of network promotion. Learning website promotion to the present, has tried different promotion methods, from different promotion methods summed up the different promotion experience to communicate with you. Today, we are here to talk about the promotion of the network post bar promotion!

Post Bar promotion is a way to promote the effectiveness of website promotion in fast, we do Post Bar: Baidu (Post Bar), search (search), Sogou, Youdao (say) (fast paste), Sina (Sina), gold (Post Bar) etc., website promotion is the most direct the purpose is to bring customers and traffic, of course, the most important (customers). But from the Post Bar promotion, it brought to the site more traffic and visitors, it is difficult to bring direct customers to the site, there are two reasons: first, Post Bar is all entertainment, gossip, all because of a little information Post Bar to buy a product, so we can see the user psychological: they just want to see Post Bar public opinion related to this product, did not buy Italy; two, Post Bar is a fast way to promote the popularity of higher Post Bar, we made a post will soon sink, thus widely exists a certain degree of difficulty for us: we have to keep pushing on this topic, to ensure that the post has been Post Bar home display. So in the post bar promotion process we do not ask from the post bar to the site to bring how many customers, we just ask us to post posted the information was seen, click on the most. Can bring traffic to the site is the most important thing we do to promote the idea of post bar, of course, sometimes it can also bring a small number of customers. Such opportunities are rare…… Ha ha!

(Post Bar) so that the website promotion, we must first consider what is Post Bar for our website? Can not say we rely on Post Bar only do website promotion, we do not have other promotion, this idea is not good, free promotion too much, do not always in a tree tree hanging


well, today will give you a simple stick to promote some of the experience summary, the next will give you about the website promotion blog promotion! Please pay attention to the webmaster nets!

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