Small and medium sized enterprise network marketing strategy three steps

according to the encyclopedia, the so-called small and medium enterprises and large enterprises in the industry is compared to the size of personnel, asset size and the size of the business are relatively small economic units. This type of businesses generally do not have enough funds to promote the company’s brand, and the brand of small and medium enterprises promotion is certainly not the most critical, what is the most important problem of small and medium-sized enterprises must be profitable?! the only solution to the problem of profit, the enterprise can survive in the fierce market competition, after in order to have a further development.

regardless of operating entities or virtual products, to achieve profitability is bound to continue to promote the company’s sales. Network marketing because of cost control, and can be more efficient for the target customer groups to promote, which is in the fully competitive market for SMEs can be said to be a very inevitable choice. However, how to develop and implement the marketing strategy of small and medium companies, often engaged in traditional industries, business owners or sales are often unable to start. Often what kind of network promotion effect which the main results heard enterprises, this blind investment often is caused by poor sales, the enterprise boss has lost confidence in the network marketing, no longer even through the network to promote their products.

in view of this situation, strategy and planning to develop a network marketing in the beginning should be through the network marketing company’s products friends new suggestions. And a set of effective programs is certainly not out of thin air. The bridge before to a traditional chemical enterprises to do a network marketing plan, this is the case, to explain some of my network marketing program was doing an important point of reference:

, who is one of my clients? Compared to network marketing and traditional marketing, in addition to lower cost, but higher efficiency advantage, their core essence is the same, that is marketing, I think one of the core problems, or to understand your company’s products are sold to the who. Through the study of the target consumer group, the marketing strategy. For example, I served the chemical enterprise, his target customer is very simple some upstream chemical enterprises, such as coal chemical plant, steel plant, etc.. General contact with customers are some 28-50 years old technology or procurement personnel, which are scattered throughout the country. Through the identification of the target customers, this is a good foundation for the development of the network marketing strategy.

two, what are some of the characteristics of my target customers? Connected to the case before the chemical plant, they are mainly facing the age of more than 28 years of mature male procurement or technical staff. We can do a more reasonable analysis and prediction of their natural characteristics, as well as the usual behavior patterns. My analysis is that these people can not be every day on the Internet to play games, chat QQ. They have access to information in general there are two ways, through the search engine, through the professional B2B platform, or related categories of industry sites or forums.

three, for the purpose of the characteristics of the user to do the corresponding network >