Sheng Lin how to process web site promotion

personal website site promotion overview

haven’t wrote the article, is the time for half a year more than half of the silence makes me a deeper step of website promotion has a deep understanding, today is here to share with you my true feelings and I do website promotion a little promotion experience. Wrong also hope that we correct, we come together to promote the website.

simple for you to talk about website promotion

speaking of website promotion, website promotion that made people have had such trouble: how do I get my website ranking? Why not included my website? How do website optimization and so on, first I want to tell you is that as our website promotion staff should have a sense of calm. Website promotion is not a day two days of things, website promotion is urgent not to come, also hope not to come, sometimes we pay a lot, but the site to promote the final results may not make us satisfied. Website promotion pay a lot but did not get the desired results, we need to talk about "in the face of such confusion".

true to you about my website promotion experience

to promote a website needs time and innovation, especially a newly built website, more time to maintain and promote. Today, I would like to give a new website is how to effectively promote the example: to share with you the feelings of their own website promotion and promotion of some of the experience of the site.

talk about the personal experience of network promotion

just for a construction site (such as ordinary commercial websites in the network), website promotion is a very bad problem, what is the promotion of effective promotion? How will bring good promotion effect? For this kind of question, we must first determine a question: "effective promotion", we first set the "extension" standard, in the end is to be extended to what results is effective? Of course, we all think of course is the site of the goods sold is effective! In fact, if we put this standard as extreme website standard the promotion of words, believe the website promotion of the work should have no one do. The ultimate goal is to promote the site to sell the goods, but the site is a process of promoting the work, not to let everyone engaged in the promotion of the site to sell things as the goal to work. It is said that the website promotion work can be divided into a number of processes, each link must have different goals.

website promotion can be divided into a few links to do: the site to build early planning (planning and promotion program) – website construction – site optimization – Website Promotion – website commodity trading (customer service).

these five links actually have their own goals, for example: the construction site planning goal is how to build a website, website promotion planning work; target site construction personnel is quickly set up website >