How to develop network marketing for small and medium sized enterprises

with the further penetration of e-commerce into our lives, network marketing as the key to open the door of e-commerce, small and medium enterprises to learn network marketing is particularly urgent and important. At present, due to the popularity of the concept of network marketing and investment into the Internet market competition more and more enterprises, its marketing costs have become increasingly high. Small and medium-sized enterprises in consideration of the network marketing, all related to the problem of a shortage of funds. So in the talent and material costs continue to rise today, small and medium enterprises should be how to carry out network marketing?

first, small and medium enterprises have their own official website, such as the Internet on the facade". Since it is a facade, it must be well decorated, professional website is necessary, this is the most simple but very low cost but effective way of marketing, the disadvantage is to hire someone to long-term management, to a certain extent, increase the capital investment ratio. However, the key question is how to use the "talent", every day to maintain and update the website spend long time, small and medium-sized enterprises should recruit some knowledge of SEO professionals, because most users access to information through search engines, web site keywords optimization up to the enterprise, is a very effective and long-term acquisition of product orders the way.

secondly, the right product strategy. Small and medium-sized enterprises must make clear their own products or services in network marketing, online marketing analysis for what kind of products, and according to their target groups, the timely introduction of new products or activities they love to maintain old customers and to attract new customers. The most common way is to work hard in terms of product prices, or promotions, or send coupons, or participate in group buying.

again, the appropriate network marketing. Small and medium enterprises will be in the B2C e-commerce platform to open their own shops such as Taobao Tmall Jingdong, taking into account the cost of capital, the appropriate choice of a platform for their own. Micro-blog marketing current hot, enterprises to verify their administrative micro-blog, however, the number of fans is a world of difference between. Remove the enterprise’s own brand awareness and other factors, how to attract fans early and late fans such as how to maintain the quality of administrative micro-blog micro-blog is affected by the fans love and other reasons determines the number of your fans, micro-blog therefore, micro-blog marketing is look simple, actually is a kind of research. With the popularity of social media marketing, so that a large number of forum activity declined and the number of reduced, the original number of network marketing methods such as forum marketing, a lot of time has been somewhat outdated. At the same time, with the opening of WeChat pay, which is undoubtedly a new opportunity for SMEs network marketing.

network marketing effect follow up. The difference between network marketing and traditional marketing lies in its interactivity, which makes the effect of network marketing to follow up more easily than the traditional one-way. The delivery of Internet advertising is now more popular, through Internet technology, the number of consumers can be directly observed, click on the consultation, the conversion rate, through the study of these data, it is found that which part of the problem and continuous improvement. For example, click rate is too low