How to quickly get stable P traffic

filed a website promotion, it seems that everyone can say a lot of methods and skills, but really master these methods and apply it to the extreme, but less and less, most of the owners are still in the initial stage of website promotion come to a standstill. Therefore, we often find that there are a lot of PR2 or 3 of the site, but only a few hundred flow. The webmaster every day in the lament: Alas, how to improve the IP? How to improve the site traffic? Sorrow hair were white.

Make use of technical means to achieve the promotion of

some computer master or purse drum, such as bulk mail (death research for a long time is not, "Leng) jump, IE interception, virus and so on, is the so-called The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Hin tricks. We are shy in the bag that the computer (like half a bucket of water on behalf of me no money to buy the software and no technical software) how to do? How to quickly get promotion website, IP? In fact, fast IP is not difficult, it is difficult to let it become the eternal steady flow.

a, choose a common promotion method

On the promotion of the posts on many

network, so there are a lot of methods, such as blog promotion, network promotion, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar…… As long as you choose the most suitable one is good, do not do too much. If you choose to blog promotion, then you have to build at least ten blog, each blog selected different themes, keep updated every day, update three times a day is better. Blog promotion brings visitors is very slow, but it is also the most stable and long-term, need long-term unremitting persistence.

network promotion you want to choose more novel and promising network to operate, such as Qihoo pocket, initially at eight a.m. in the morning as long as you have the opportunity to put their own posts recommended to the home page, the N IP, but not anymore. Let alone eight points, six points have no chance, but if you love the midnight you might wait until zero, his collection of Posts recommended to the home page, recommend to the first page of the post will be a lot of people to hide, but the chain is very good. But I haven’t tried, because they do not love the midnight. I believe that many owners have brought NN IP to his pocket by Qihoo.

on Baidu know, this one with ADSL webmaster can do a good job. Several registered Baidu account, a few questions of these problems (of course is relevant to our website), then for IP, cookies, another account to answer, to bring their own website links to answer, if the link does not go up, then put the letters into uppercase or double byte input. As long as all the people who have seen the problem know that your website can. Remember a few days later on the original account to set their own answers to the best answer. Routers can not change the Internet access IP webmaster had to find someone else to cooperate. For example, looking for me, ha ha, (like a dream female website webmaster is my my own due to poor communication, >