Tencent electronic business platform is expected to test the line in October to buy a good music set

news September 14th according to sources, the new B2B2C business platform or Tencent Inc in October officially launched the test, will be the first access to about 6 electricity supplier website, by the Tencent investment good music to buy, easy fast, Kelan diamond will be settled in the first stage.

Tencent did not disclose the specific list of partners, only that the current domestic mainstream B2C websites of Tencent have a positive attitude towards the new business platform. Tencent will according to the user’s shopping needs choose clothing, cosmetics and other daily necessities mainly category partners. The news, including Dangdang, where customers, shop No. 1 B2C platform may within the scope of cooperation strategy of Tencent.


, the Tencent responsible person said in an interview, the Tencent to choose partners not only need to have genuine security, the price advantage, but also consider the different dimensions of the abundance of goods, inventory, warehousing and distribution capacity, location, delivery time, payment, customer service service etc..

it is understood that the first phase of the electronic business platform Tencent will choose to test in the Guangdong area, and then extended to other regions. Tencent this new electronic business platform to online shopping mall for positioning, hoping to get high-quality B2C settled. (end)