Li Guoqing hinted Dangdang upcoming now is a special period co President Li Guoqing (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Li Songwei) September 16th news, Dangdang joint president, said today in an interview with Tencent technology interview, Dangdang will soon be listed.

from 2009 onwards, rumors about Dangdang listed has been constantly, and even rumors that Dangdang has hired IPO underwriters.

in 2010, introduced a team called luxury occupation managers, swept away the previous "family run shop" image, including former Air Media CFO Yang Jiahong, former vice president of Huang Ruo, former Beijing general manager Guo Debang ogilvy.

"especially Yang Jiahong, who put the air entry with half Air Media listed, he is sure to please IPO", a person close to so on.

Li Guoqing in an interview that the Tencent of science and technology, the governance structure of the listed to deal with, leaving only the timing, "don’t change radically when the capital market".

asked "what time is the most appropriate time listed" issue, Li Guoqing said with a smile, "this question cannot be answered". He also said that it can not disclose this year’s sales data, and said, now is a special period".

, people familiar with the securities market to the Tencent said to the listed company to the application is approved after the IPO application submitted, this period is called the "silent period", in this period of time the company’s executives and underwriters listed comments will be strictly limited, only to release information to the public by offering book.

" is likely to is in a quiet period, so rise in an interview will be evasive". The source said.