Jingdong in the next banner 3C business or depth integration attack


did not go in the past, the future has come.

started from 3C products Jingdong, although after business expansion, but the core value of 3C business has never wavered. Especially in the current business environment, 3C communication and consumer electronics consumer demand (such as mobile phone, mobile phone millet Samsung Series in Jingdong to good sales), so the layout and development of the 3C service industry has been more attention.

April 6th, the upcoming Jingdong 3C business strategy conference, invited from the media in the circle of friends frequently flashed the invitations, at least to convey two meanings: first of all, this is the first time the conference 3C Department of Jingdong after integration, so the five top full debut, its importance is self-evident; secondly, from the text interpretation the invitation, "empowerment has become the past, the integration is the future", the largest is the key words of "empowerment" and "integration".

, that is to say, the strategic review conference in addition to Jingdong in the field of 3C’s past performance, will also be announced new integration strategy, the integration strategy is described in this paper, it is possible to start a fight in a number of business level with rivals, market structure reconstruction of the current electricity supplier.

according to the current electricity supplier environment, Jingdong 3C integration strategy may include the following three parts:

1, channel strategy: sinking Township, covering urban residential areas

to a treasure, for example, in the original business is relatively saturated, slowing growth in the background, has stepped up the pace of the beginning of the layout of rural electricity providers and cross-border electricity supplier. For Jingdong, the Jingdong of 3C products the next step might sink into the village, not sinking into the three or four line of the city, but to sink to the township and village; in addition, the China city community is becoming more and more mature, residential areas, residents of the community electricity supplier is the purpose of Jingdong based on its 3C products will cover the area district.

2, marketing strategy: divide the user, set up the scene marketing platform

millet, Samsung and more and more manufacturers will focus on the release of their new Jingdong. Especially Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 products are the Jingdong as an important marketing position, and the Jingdong is not expected, online promotion, advertising circle of friends and activities under the line full support, eventually creating S7 6 million 500 thousand + booking volume. You know, S7 but positioning high-end Android flagship product, can achieve such a result is rare. Next, Jingdong need to consume groups in accordance with the level of the portrait of the subdivision, in the field of large-scale replication S7 3C successful cases, so as to 3C manufacturers to establish a reliable marketing platform image.

3, open strategy: open resources, finance, logistics and customer service

warehousing, logistics and customer service is the biggest advantage of Jingdong, many companies want to share these resources, such as engaging in a business segment of the electricity supplier team, >