Li Yuchun to every guest love you wusuowei brand marketing to the upper floor

filed a customer, 19 yuan and 59 yuan T-shirt canvas shoes surfacing. To remove these high quality and low price products, Han Han, Wang Luodan, and so on, and so on, a series of personality of the star of the name of the following appeared in the world, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. Following the "VANCL style" detonated network hot words, "hold on the body, causing users to resonate" recently by Li Yuchun endorsement of the new guest ad once again set a new record of forwarding micro-blog. Where the Li Yuchun hand launched the "I love you without fear" advertisement not only become the focus of micro-blog, where the more famous brand marketing to the upper floor.

recently, we launched with Li Yuchun as the protagonist of "I love you without fear" series of ads, causing many users hot. As of May 18th 19:00, the original disclosure of the Li Yuchun billboard ahead of the street to reach 327 thousand micro-blog forwarded comments up to more than 7000 times. The number of new media work in every guest, it is a new record. Hot 2011 Huang Xiaoming "go" for the 120 thousand day forward, Li Yuchun born in 1984 is the appeal of micro-blog, the forwarding of more than 200 thousand. Comparison of the micro-blog forwarding 327 thousand, an increase of 63.5%. This is not a sign of micro-blog forwarding number a record high, but also to show the guest in the micro-blog marketing impressive strength. Obviously, the momentum is far from over. It is understood that May 20th morning 10:30 and 21:00 PM, Li Yuchun # key words I love you without fear #, twice rushed to the Sina micro-blog real-time hot words list first, even more than the fire # tongue on Chinese #, # married Zuckerberg # and other popular keywords, and remained in the top three all day long.

this series of success, not only thanks to Li Yuchun’s personal charm, while corn fans and celebrity users forwarding work. However, with the celebrity effect and a large number of fans, micro-blog marketing will be able to be so successful in terms of brand marketing knowledge, not just micro-blog marketing so simple. Where the micro-blog marketing is so successful, behind for local learning and summarized too much.

first, customer marketing success lies in the election of a platform. We choose the micro-blog platform as the main battlefield of marketing can be described as a wise move. Nowadays, social networking has become the mainstream. Facebook’s successful listing, once again confirms the great charm of social networks. And micro-blog as the most popular social networking platform, which covers a large amount of information, fast communication speed, strong ability to interact and share. Previously, the "VANCL style" and "hold on the body have this burst of red micro-blog, success, not only embodies the influence of social networks on information aggregation and diffusion, but also show the guest to choose experience marketing platform.

second, where the customer is good at creating the topic, and give users the opportunity to express themselves. As we all know, with the increasing pressure of people’s lives, every day to face the problems and troubles. In this case, there needs to be an opportunity and an outlet to express the true self. This expression can be felt