Su Ningyun business to raise 29 billion 85 million yuan in advance with the input of logistics and m


technology news June 29th morning news, Suning Yun group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Su ningyun") announced that in the near future to raise funds 29 billion 85 million yuan, and will be used in six aspects, including: the construction of logistics platform, cloud store construction, Internet Financial projects, IT projects, repay bank loans and supplement working capital. As of June 16, 2016, the Soviet Union to raise funds to raise funds to invest part of the project, a total of 1 billion 299 million yuan.


Su Ningyun merchants to raise funds for use

Su ningyun announcement that the company in May 2016 20 to specific non-public offering of RMB ordinary shares (A shares) 1926996505 shares, par value of 1 yuan, per share subscription price of 15.17 yuan, a full payment in RMB, raised funds totaling 29232536980.85 yuan, net of issuance costs and related printing a tax of 147227617.72 yuan (including tax), net proceeds of RMB 29085309363.13 yuan, the funds have been in place in May 20, 2016.

announcement that, due to the company’s actual net proceeds of less than 2015 non-public offering plan to raise the amount of funds used to raise funds in part by the company to raise its own funds to resolve. In view of this, the company’s logistics platform construction project logistics operations development projects to raise the amount of money invested has been adjusted to raise the amount of funds raised 3 billion 242 million yuan.

as of June 16, 2016, Su ningyun to self financing investment part of pre investment projects to raise funds for the project, the construction of the logistics platform, cloud store development project purchase shop project, Internet financial projects supplementary financial company capital project and IT project, a total of 1 billion 299 million yuan.


Su Ningyun to raise funds to raise funds to invest in part of the project, a total of 1 billion 299 million yuan.

the capital project to supplement the financial company as Su ningyun in advance to use its own funds to increase Suning commercial factoring company, increase the amount of 300 million yuan, have all been used for Su ningyun supply chain provide factoring.

Su ningyun pointed out that the financing issues of our time to raise funds to replace the pre invested part of equity investment projects, does not affect the normal implementation of the project to raise funds, there is no change in the use of funds raised by the company, in line with the needs of the development of the company, the replacement time from the fund-raising account the time is not more than 6 months.


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