On the choice of wine industry electronic commerce mode

first, the wine industry into the background of e-commerce analysis:

at this stage the use of e-commerce dealer:

10% dealers do not have their own website, also did not see the information posted on the Internet;

30% dealers have a dedicated website;

60% dealers posted information on the Internet;

70% dealer website preparation;

consumer groups trend change:

80, 90, white-collar workers gradually become the main consumer;

consumer characteristics:

80 after 90, white-collar workers, the pursuit of the latest, fashion, romance, love comparison, like the Internet;

combined with the current status of the company, medium and high-end drinks in e-commerce.

brand value of the new generation of consumer groups, like high-end products.

needs to buy, not buy way, worry about buying counterfeit products, online shopping query probability.

high-end products in higher profits.

e-commerce can promote the brand, as a company, product display platform, the development of e-commerce can also enhance the visibility of the enterprise, to occupy the consumer subconscious.

Limitations of

beverage application e-commerce

reputation shaping problem

delivery constraints, regional development advantages (distribution channel problem)

entity sales and network sales have a conflict

promotion accounted for the majority of e-commerce, the need for accurate and effective marketing promotion

beverage industry application of e-commerce advantages

open up new sales channels

shape enterprise brand

mainstream consumer groups forced by

beverage industry application of the reasons for regional e-commerce

1 by the distribution restrictions, there is a sales channel market, easier to operate e-commerce, can save the cost of distribution

2 integrity assurance, the region to carry out e-commerce, increase the integrity of the chip

3 area to carry out electronic commerce, can avoid Chuanhuo phenomenon

The role of

beverage network e-commerce:

1, publicity, publicity products, corporate culture

2, shaping the corporate reputation and visibility of

3, open up new sales channels, increase the company’s profit

two, e-commerce model selection:

B2B distributors – distributors / terminals (through websites, distributors or terminals, suitable for opening up new markets) (substance:)