A year to build two electricity supplier Festival

music has a new "yaoezi": announced to give fans on the 919 day again with electric fans welfare pound rose from 800 million yuan to 1 billion yuan. Press conference, as the electricity supplier Festival floor platform as the mall, but also for the outside world announced the welfare of the festival, as well as the second half of the heavy launch of the red and blue strategy".

in addition to the huge benefits to make industry of raspberry, LETV 919 fans festival to start another meaning: adding 414 content of ecological electricity supplier Festival, LETV mall has become a global business industry only a year to build two business section of the Internet Co.

throughout the entire electricity supplier industry, to attract large-scale user attention, nothing more than eleven Jingdong and Taobao double anniversary — and the two platform after years of accumulation so that the user must adsorption, depending on the music store this young brand electricity supplier, has done in a short period of time. Combined with the activities of the electricity supplier Festival has repeatedly increased, this is not just behind the "money capricious" so simple.


year to create a two pound electricity supplier industry is only

music opened the subversion of the traditional TV industry chapter since September 19, 2012, LETV ecological system are also on the horizon. LETV to commemorate this special day, special holiday 9.19 positioning fans, referred to as the 919 fans festival.

is also in the last year of the original "anniversary", has become the music as the mall sprang into the public eye and important nodes quickly gain a firm foothold in the industry:

LETV mall and a fans play a carnival music as ecological There was no parallel in history. — a black storm swept the industry back to the fans for their love and support. At that time, LETV with a total of 500 million yuan to build 919 fans Festival into benefits comparable to the United States before Thanksgiving madness "black Friday" shopping carnival, let 919 fans Festival become Chinese electricity supplier in the market the most well-known trademark, "black 919" has become the global fans of the grand carnival feast.

plus 1 billion 700 million yuan real sales data, but also to allow the industry to scrape. After this service, as the mall has become a series of Ali and Jingdong, tied for third mall.

this year, 414 ecological electricity supplier section, then let the music as the mall refresh the definition of the user of the electricity supplier, but also completely clear the music as eco mall concept and image in the minds of users.

when the announcement of the user to buy music as members can be free access to hardware policy, in the industry caused no small stir. In the Internet, science and technology, television, mobile phone industry, cross-border gaze, 414 hardware free day finally came up with sales of $2 billion 320 million. And by buying a member to send the hardware free mode, the music as the hardware and content, services tied together to redefine the value of the user, so that the hardware to achieve a zero cost.

through the two shopping carnival, music as mall >