Share network marketing with the webmaster experience

network marketing in the final analysis is a marketing tool, but it is the traditional marketing methods unparalleled special advantages, more and more favored by the majority of enterprises. Two years ago, they study and practice, make full use of the Internet "virtual host", trade BBS, mailing lists, search engines and other basic functions, the rapid release of enterprise product information, mining more customers for online marketing, "gold sand". Their main practices in this area are as follows.

1 to build their own web site

through the Internet, in the global context of enterprise products, the establishment of their own website is essential. Enterprise website is the portal of the enterprise, it provides a platform for the operation of the enterprise business information, the enterprise to form a chain as the center of the chain, that is, to achieve its marketing objectives. No matter what the purpose of enterprise website construction, with the further application of e-commerce, the rational arrangement of the content of the website is essential to the enterprise.

2 make full use of the international trade bulletin board (BBS)

the Internet has a lot of specialized in international trade website, also has a professional website. Most of these sites have bulletin boards, through which everyone can publish their own business information on a variety of trade. Many of these sites can be free friends of the information, but the timeliness. They use these free sites, and constantly log in on their product information. This effect is obvious, many of their orders are linked in this way.

3 make full use of search engine

search engine is a tool to quickly find information on the Internet, as long as the input keywords that you are interested in the product, you can find a lot of relevant information, such as the world and the product of the manufacturer, seller, middlemen, and even the sale of information technology information, to dig out the useful business information potential customers can be found, it is possible to use the company’s products. For example: search engine optimization (SEO) or SEM.

4 make full use of email list (E-mail list)

, for example, licensing E-mail marketing, email lists are a combination of email and BBS on a particular topic, many of which are available on international trade websites. As long as the input of their e-mail address, these sites will regularly send e-mail to you. Many of the two stations are sent to the site near the sale of information received, or to introduce the new site database (Data-base) of the company, the new trading site, etc.. Add to a list of e-mail, you can publish their product information, you can also find useful marketing information on their own. In this way, they have also found a number of new sites, access to a lot of new customers. This paper by the Shanghai air tickets for