Zhong Zhixin from eight aspects of the site design greatly enhance the conversion rate

most people go online to find the information they want, not to shop online. Those who are very clear in the online shopping, but also natural goods than three. After all, compare prices on the Internet, more convenient than in real life. Therefore, there is no direct causal relationship between traffic and sales volume. E-commerce sites have to work hard to improve the conversion rate, to guide the visitors to become target customers. This guide visitors to pay for the process is to be carefully planned, and can not let the visitors arbitrary, but also can not allow users to search for their own to overcome difficulties. So we have to transform the design site oriented, we need to pay attention to the following eight aspects:

1, designed for the target user site

experienced webmaster understand a truth, in the network traffic is not difficult, difficult is to generate transactions. In the scanning of news, the accidental click on the ads to your website visitors, they have no desire to shop, do not know what to see on your site, so want to flow into paying customers is very difficult. In a forum on post sales skills introduced CRM personal edition software link to your web site, click on already know your site should be sold in customer relationship management software, even if the user did not want to buy your software, at least is also interested in the sale, this is the clerk of the flow convert to paying customers for the target population, it should be more simple. For more exciting content, please pay attention to Zhong Zhixin’s blog

in the site design process, we must achieve the goal of traffic or target user centric design site. Whether it is the content of the site, visual effects, promotional arrangements, etc., have to consider whether it is suitable for the target user’s psychology.

a programmer, and family women, shopping psychology is bound to be different, browsing habits vary greatly. Webmasters must be very clear about their target users who are, what are the characteristics, etc.. I like the company’s marketing company to do is CRM personal edition software, mainly for the sales and service personnel, it is not and other CRM companies, for the enterprise. The characteristics of these two target customers are obviously different.

2, the ability to write tough

on the site, you have to rely on text content to convince the user to sell things. The user cannot see you much more than a sincere and honest, speak expression, all are reflected in the text. Good writing ability is a very important job. Unless you sell the design services, or rely solely on the image of the page is uncertain, you must rely on words to help you sell your products. Strong writing ability would like a good hypnotist, can let the user unknowingly be persuaded, willing to pay for the purchase.

The most important thing is not to study writing, no one asks you how high the level of literary writing on your website

. Web copywriting needs to be studied in psychology. >