Tips for using electronic gifts to promote websites

know there are friends should know viral marketing on the network promotion methods, electronic gifts and viral marketing "virus" is actually a large range of automatic transmission, such as audio and video, pictures, documents, books and software etc.. Using electronic gifts to do free promotion is the way most of the small and medium-sized site owners and Taobao shop prefer to use.

electronic gifts is the biggest feature of the reproduction and transportation costs, can be used repeatedly, and the depth of marketing function is very powerful, to achieve the effect of free promotion. Once completed, copy is "production", through instant messaging tool or mail sent to the customer, when in use did not increase the cost, so it not only can be used for a long time, and you can choose to use a variety of electronic gifts combination.

if you are selling skin care products, you can make a practical book such as "MM manual" makeup as electronic gifts, products and services and add your information in the book, then free gift to your customers. So, customers in the leisure time to read this book at the same time you can always pay attention to and query your product information or even direct purchase. Moreover, if he volunteered to introduce this book to his friends, friends, the effect can be imagined. Each copy of the book has become your free extension.

free by the promotion of the summary, do free promotion process, the following electronic gifts will receive better results:


can be produced or commissioned by others, such as the above mentioned MM makeup manual, you can save as PDF or EXE format to prevent theft.


if you are selling skin care products, then your customers are the majority of MM. There are many online utility software MM special or small game software, you can contact the author for you to customize a version of your product information integration, and then presented to the customer, it is best to find the charge of the software, so that your customers will be more recognition of its value.


for the video, you can find (or buy) some useful tutorial class video, add advertising subtitles, and then provide customers with free download. At present, the video is a good to do free promotion and viral marketing vector.


for audio, you can periodically collect some songs and packaged, compressed package documentation to your products and service information.


regularly collects documents that may be useful to your clients and packages, documents, or compressed files to add to your product and service information.


monthly collection with a monthly calendar wallpaper, add bulk product or web site logo watermark, and then packaged to provide customers with free download. Here to remind you that, regardless of