Why are now linked to the interactive marketing title

The word "

" is no stranger to all of us. Maybe this time when we go to school to listen more, when the teacher called us more interactive. Think about it, it is reasonable for us to go to school, when the teacher is able to understand our knowledge of how to master, what are not clear, so long need to focus on the explanation.

so for us now, we do this from the media, but also need to interact with us. So for us to do WeChat, what is the most important interaction?

first: Message auto reply

Automatic reply

message, this is the most convenient for us, we need to do is when we set the background we need to restore the contents of it, so that we can figure:



when our number bigger in the future, we must pay attention to automatically reply to this one, we see every day we increase the number of fans, but the message reply quantity is great, if we say that our fans responded to our news, but we do not reply to fans, so our fans will drop it fast. So this requires us to do fans interaction.

second: News keyword reply


automatic reply this is mainly for our fans to reply the most content, thus we select the most suitable one or more keywords to make the appropriate reply can, for example, many of our fans want and we communicate with you so we can reply to our QQ, or are we the QQ group, then we can directly call these fans plus. We may have tens of thousands of fans or even more, then we need to build more than a few groups, each group of management from our fans, so we have a marketing platform. QQ group as long as we do bigger, then we can make use of this profit.

in fact, we have a lot of ways to profit, but we will not use it to think about it.

third: Message random reply

we can see from the picture, we have a lot of news every day, there are hundreds or even thousands of replies, it is impossible to say that all of our messages to reply again. This is going to be a time-consuming job, so all we need to do is pick it up randomly and we think we can respond to our fans. So how do we decide what is our loyal fans, what is not? Mainly to see our fans reply message, there we reply is to see whether to cancel the attention, some direct reply, but suddenly cancel our attention, it is like we encountered many. So for those who still exist, we need to be well maintained, because these are the reply to the message