The core competence of content website

I’m not talking about content sites (ICP), but the content of the web site, there are too many sites, in fact, is the content of the site. While many originally pure functional sites (such as online RSS browser, for example, fanchon) because the function of not directly charge, also to the content of the website: output content, access road, the sale of advertising.

is about as many Web2.0 functional website is supposed to function started sake, to this day, in this cold topic had to face the income and to the advertising model when they are still obsessed with the power of technology. Donews’s Liu Ren wrote in July 2005 with the title of "live and dead web sites": "live websites are usually very rare. Programmers and designers led a pile of dead; website editor, editor in chief of the leading." Do not know whether it is intentional or unintentional, he just forgot the side of Hong Bo, the best editor in the circle of IT.

a website, of course, can be regarded as a tool, but it is essentially a kind of media. This is a natural attribute that no one can deny. Since it is the media, the user will produce content, content will attract users, more users will produce more content, so the cycle." (also from Liu Ren’s live site log) this business model is too ideal. The Web2.0 boom, which was born in 2005, was a craze in 2006, and today we have to sit back and look at it: essentially, nothing has changed.

in the content of the website, the power of editing can almost be regarded as the key to determine the outcome of the site. I do not believe the power of wisdom, but depends entirely on the user, let everyone become editor "(network service China blog has launched the advertising language), the result is just the service end. Good editors know how to plan a topic, how to attract more eyeballs (of course not to change the title of an article), in short, they know the taste of the audience. And this, I do not believe in any case, today, technology will understand.

this is a lot of Geek unconditionally to argue against the argument. Normal, because Geek is not a businessman. No matter what kind of technology to build a business website, it is a business, a network operator, audience and advertisers three party game business. Advertisers are reluctant to believe in " everyone can be my user " website. In this era of stress, advertisers are more willing to see: my users are × × × product enthusiasts.

how to integrate these audiences, this is the responsibility of editors. However, Sina’s massive model will become a symbol of network editing: copy & paste computer workers. It seems that as long as a little understanding of some of the Internet technology students can be competent for the work of network editing. And the huge editorial is only to the vast amounts of information.