n the circle of friends working for Reveal its false appearance

WeChat, from the initial simple social tools, and now everyone will become a marketing tool. This gradual change, so that a lot of people happy to let a lot of people worry. Because this is a time when everyone is from the media. There are people who are not afraid of no transaction. The day before the launch of WeChat’s friends transfer function can be seen, WeChat is not only to Alipay launched a strong challenge, but the deeper we can see WeChat pay more attention to the "friends" between the exchange of money, a lot of people to start a business in WeChat inside the circle of friends, which also makes WeChat marketing unpopular with the circle of friends. How long this social circle business model innovation to survive? Tencent this is premeditated or unintentional? We do not know, but WeChat is really the king of marketing


recognize the essence of circle of friends product

WeChat WeChat official on the circle of friends in person is defined as a niche circle, maintain relationship with privacy, with a small range of. We can share our privacy with our friends and see what our friends are sharing. Friends can be reproduced from the public platform that they feel meaningful to share the circle of friends, so that more friends to see sharing. WeChat at the same time have published a talk about the function, let us in the WeChat circle without words. WeChat circle of friends is a small social circle, we will be more friendly friends who contact. Circle of friends, so that more people body and mind zero distance, compared to micro-blog, QQ, this feature is more prominent. Also let a lot of love with WeChat, fell in love with a circle of friends. However, with the gradual popularity of WeChat, a lot of people use this acquaintance circle of friends, started purchasing, starting a deal. Let a lot of friends began to WeChat circle of friends".

WeChat official did not define the WeChat circle is a marketing platform, but the use of acquaintances to promote the transaction more and more people, but also slowly change the nature of the circle of friends WeChat. Really became an advertising platform. Many people think that the use of trust between friends, will be easier to facilitate transactions, through close communication between people through the circle of friends to trust this high platform, using the relationship between acquaintances, the friend who likes to share points, the transaction success rate is very high. Between friends there is no stranger to strangers, selling things like chatting to make friends as simple. However, this change in the essence of WeChat circle of friends, but also let the author changed the initial understanding of the circle of friends.

circle of friends marketing brings limitations

since the provisions of Tencent WeChat WeChat can only have up to 5000 friends, the scope of the circle of friends is gradually narrowing. How can we know on WeChat, only 5000 friends know. So, WeChat circle of friends is a lot of limitations.

first, the circle of friends is the so-called "friends" to start, that is, you have to start from an acquaintance to kill. Business between acquaintances is not so good. Well done, can maintain a good relationship with each other. Do not good, friends can only pull into ""