Fu Zhengjun denied 9158 as the beauty of the economy in the future force online medical

in the forest of giant fields and popular culture in the Internet, Fu Zhengjun the Internet industry veteran entrepreneurs rush in, with fellow Zhejiang Ma before the completion of the listing, has become a sample of grassroots Internet landing in the capital market.

July 9th at 9:30 in the morning, a suit gelv Columba interactive founder Fu Zhengjun and COO Mak well together, sounded the bell of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed. Show them behind the electronic screen, Columba interactive (01980.HK) the opening price of HK $5.99, 13.45% higher than the issue price of HK $5.28.

after the listing, Columba interactive the total share capital of 1 billion 217 million shares; according to the opening price, Columba interactive market capitalization of HK $7 billion 300 million (about 5 billion 800 million yuan).

, we should be the largest Internet companies listed in Hangzhou, although over time (after the listing of Alibaba) may not be." Fu Zhengjun laughed at the scene, including the first financial daily, including a number of media reporters quipped.

for external evaluation of Columba interactive "beauty economy", Fu Zhengjun does not agree, "we are the music economy, this is like watching the show may be directed to the beauty of the first to go, but second, third times to enter, may be directed to the car."

in the "music economy", he also said that after the listing Columba interactive will speed up the layout of the mobile medical, mobile providers and other vertical areas, at the same time online video platform to promote social integration and expansion of the line.

"beauty economy"?


transaction code is set to 1980, one is because the Columba interactive user base is mainly 80, two is Fu Zhengjun couple two people are born in 1978, from 1978+2.

As a business model

Columba interactive is a typical "grass root who in the world".

prospectus, Columba social live ecosystem users mainly from the second to the four line of the city. March 26, 2014 to April 1, 2014, about 59% of its users from the city of the line, 30% from the second tier cities, while the first tier cities from the city of 11%, from the first tier cities in the United States, from the first tier cities in China, and the number of users in the second tier cities is about three or four.

previously, Fu Zhengjun and his Columba interactive has been low-key mysterious "make money quietly". But with the celebrations of the times successfully listed in the United States, which rely on the three or four line of the city’s grassroots users grow, once regarded as being outside the "non mainstream" website surfaced.

, however, for a long time, its interaction Columba 9158 is widely regarded as the "ambiguous economy", which caused headache Fu int. Aware of the risks of the model, after 2008, with the involvement of IDG, position change 9158 "network show" to "online KTV", became a national entertainment show.

currently has a low-key company has eight "multi to many" real-time social video community and one