Google will pass the acquisition of domestic roaming browser

      yesterday, sources said, Google (Google) is independent research and development of web browsers, expanding its business areas. While China’s mobile browser may be incorporated into the browser strategy Google Corporation.

      it is understood that Google has recently hired a web browser with authority in the safety aspects of the Poland experts, and access to the domain, which shows that Google is considering to launch its own brand of web browser. In fact, Google Corporation CEO Eric · Schmidt had said that if you can bring benefits to users, Google will consider the introduction of such a browser. At present, many applications are based on the Google browser and, for example GoogleEarth Enterprise Edition mapping system recently launched an upgraded version of the first, let users display 2D web browsers (2D) geospatial data, as well as GoogleDocs, Google and Google table slides are based on Web page.

      it is reported that this year, Google Corporation to roam the browser for about $1 million in investment, but Google Corporation and the browser has not been publicly announced on the fly. Some analysts believe that Google is likely to acquire Chinese travel browser, as its springboard to enter the browser market. But founder Chen Mingjie declined to comment.

      the Google Corporation, global vice president, Greater China President Li Kaifu said in Shanghai, "Google will be in the future Chinese acquisition of 1-2 company". This will not rule out the possibility of the acquisition of mobile browser market. Recently, some media reports said, Google in terms of customer satisfaction for the first time more than competitors YAHOO, ranked second. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the field of consumer computer market, Google faces enormous challenges. If the browser is true, this is the launch of the full version of the desktop search software, Google expansion of business areas, improve the overall strength of another big move.

      according to the usual way of cooperation, search engines will provide funding to the browser development group, as they bring the return of search traffic. Although it is unclear whether to adopt click advertising revenue sharing cooperation between the search engine and the browser, but the browser independent natural integration with its own products, will make the access speed and compatibility is better than other brands. However, the development of its own brand Google browser will undoubtedly bring more direct benefits.