Daily topic to complete the 180 million B round of financing Huang Taiji to enter the takeaway indus

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 10th news yesterday, the founder of Huang Taiji Chang he officially announced, Huang Taiji completed a total amount of 180 million yuan   the B round of financing, the current round of financing after nearly $250 million valuation.

for this round of financing, he Chang believes that since the beginning of the establishment of Huang Taiji, it has been the constant support of angel investors in the industry, the formal institutional fund-raising, this is the second time, that is, the official B round of financing. The capital of Huang Taiji, in the hope that the center of production and capacity two pieces of infrastructure investment, at the same time, Huang Taiji officially to the traditional food and beverage brands, innovative catering brand invitation, Huang Taiji willing to share its infrastructure, to expand the boutique takeaway trillion big cake.

According to

, Huang Taiji was founded in July 2012, belongs to Chang Tai Xiangli (Beijing) catering investment company, initially only a Chinese fast food brand has now become the Internet, with the reconstruction of the value of the food supply chain platform, a mobile Internet based boutique takeaway sharing platform.

it is understood that in June of this year, Huang Taiji announced the launch takeaway central kitchen China World Trade Center CBD base on the 1st, formally joined the online takeaway competition. At present, the capital market freeze, burn indefinitely, profitability was challenged by takeaway market facing difficulties, many O2O projects of private financing is not easy. Huang Taiji at this time to get 180 million yuan of financing, can take a foothold in the giant takeaway market is still unknown.

He Chang said: "the takeout orders recently Huang Taiji half of the month on month growth rate has been maintained at a level of about 100%, the current monthly income of nearly 12 million yuan, by the end of this year we will have 50 million yuan monthly income target. But our model has good profitability, since the beginning of July this year, our monthly cash flow has been positive, in 2016 even if our business scale of zero growth, we will achieve profitability, Huang Taiji is not a problem of profit, but the advantage. This advantage allows us to continue to come up with some of the profits, to invest in product development and standardization, and constantly provide users with better fast food products and services

He Chang said that he wanted to turn Huang Taiji into the entire Chinese catering industry in the Internet era of change engine, a platform for the future of the catering industry. We want to become the upstream industry chain and end users of the depth of integration, this integration is not to save a restaurant, but to expand and enhance the concentration of the industry as a whole and industrial efficiency".

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