YAHOO stripped Ali is planned

June 17th, according to Bloomberg reported that YAHOO aspects of the original plan will be stripped of Alibaba shares, the issue is currently being stripped.

it is understood, CEO Marisa · Meijer recently held in San Francisco science and technology conference, Bloomberg said, YAHOO Ali will not peel "temporary", affected by this, YAHOO shares rose 2.3% was the highest. In an interview, Meijer said, according to plan YAHOO will hold Ali shares allocated to the shareholders of YAHOO, and this plan will not be affected by any potential regulatory policy changes. For the previous tax policy changes, YAHOO also said that this change is not for YAHOO.

in fact, in May this year, IRS officials said, is considering adjustments and spin off stock related policies. In YAHOO announced plans to spin off, Ali’s stock market capitalization of about $40 billion, is affected by the range. In this regard, YAHOO had said that the IRS policy adjustments should not affect the application had been submitted. In view of this, YAHOO announced that the company has launched various matters, ready to implement the transaction in the fourth quarter.

"we are according to plan," Meijer said, "the adjustment of tax policy does not apply to previously submitted, so these potential changes will not change the applicable law, only involves part of the process change. There are a lot of similar transactions, so we think everything should be done as planned".

It is reported that Meijer

, has been issued, YAHOO shares rose 0.41% in regular trading, the stock closed at $40.63 per share

main business

3 years ago to join YAHOO’s Meijer has been seeking to boost YAHOO’s growth since taking office in order to cope with the competition between Google and Facebook. In the first quarter of this year, in addition to sharing revenue sharing platform, YAHOO sales fell 4% to $1 billion 40 million, lower than analysts had expected.

is reported that Meijer also highly praised the United States National Football League (NFL), after the two established a cooperation agreement, is expected to be broadcast in October this year, YAHOO platform. At the same time, she said that YAHOO in the future will be more cooperation with NFL.