Biography mall mall mall was A tens of millions of institutional investment

14 news, according to insiders in the circle of VC, the domestic cosmetics online shopping mall has been successful in recent years to obtain institutional investment, the amount of tens of millions of dollars level.

in this regard, Tencent science and technology to call Mickey CEO Ma Qiang, the other said it would not comment.

Mickey network was in April this year to get tens of millions of angel investment level. Informed sources said that this round of financing for the new round of A round of institutional financing.

actually, winter in the electricity supplier industry background, at the moment, the domestic group purchase website capital is gradually being bearish, has successfully won the two round of financing of the group purchase website are numbered. The founder is still less than a year the Mickey network contrarian obtain huge financing, capital market views on e-commerce is not the same.

public information, November 2010, Mickey network ( officially launched its first, starting from the group purchase business, has been from the transition to the cosmetics group purchase cosmetics store, mainly in the online sales of international brands of cosmetics.