To be listed again Why is it so hard to fake Taobao

news October 8th, American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) days before the call to the office of the U.S. trade representative to the Alibaba and the company’s Taobao platform included in the "notorious markets list. It is understood that the Alibaba in 2012 were excluded from the office of the U.S. trade representative in the notorious markets.


letter, AAFA stressed that the Alibaba in the crackdown failed to meet the requirements of USTR, eliminate fake sales platform. The letter also quoted the China Administration for Industry and commerce, the research report said that up to 67% of Taobao’s goods for counterfeit goods.

, although many public statements show that the company attaches great importance to the problem of fakes, but we did not see the improvement of Alibaba platform." AAFA chairman and CEO Rick · helfen Bain (Rick Helfenbein) said, "the United States trade representative office a few years ago will be removed from the list of Alibaba, the premise is the need to meet the specific requirements of the company in the future. These requirements are not met, leading to the United States consumers and our members have paid the price."

according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that in the last year is almost on the same day, AAFA is urging the United States government will be included in the Alibaba to sell fake notorious markets list.

we have to think in April this year, Alibaba announced a high-profile international anti fake Alliance (IACC). But only in just a month later, including Gucci, Tiffany, at least three members from other members of the alliance, also threatened to quit in protest. And just last week, IACC suspended a newly established member category, which involves Alibaba, explained that the suspension is because some members of the concerns".


in fact, we all understand that Chinese fakes rampant, let’s have their teeth.

but said that, in recent years Ali’s crackdown many people see, an enterprise to assume the construction of China fighting team ", it is not so easy.

from the beginning of 2002, Ali on the protection of intellectual property rights. In the crackdown, Ali has achieved the "online tracking" "line positioning" and "human rights" and "24 hours year-round" four-dimensional crackdown mode. Four fake, means within the scope permitted by law, analysis, extraction, induction, modeling of the massive data users in the electronic commerce act carried out after about fake behavior directly, or the fake information to law enforcement agencies, and to assist in the development of the next line of attack.

especially in May 13th by the international Alibaba against a number of well-known brands, said it is the biggest fake sales channels, was eventually canceled after the international anti fake union membership to make new action, to show its determination to fake, released due to substandard quality is the whole network appliances off permanently, including classic >