Qin fire fire and so nternet marketer was arrested repeatedly issued false news on the nternet


network Reds Qin fire fire Qin Zhihui


Qin fire fire in the subway micro-blog powder.

The Ministry of Railways to

in the 7· 23 motor car accident victims in Italy sissy agreement compensation 30 million euros (equivalent to two hundred million), Zhang Haidi, the son of Li Shuangjiang has Japanese nationality is not their own…… These sensational "insider information" after micro-blog and issued by the "opinion leaders" reproduced, all of them have become the hot topic of the network. But who would have thought that these claims are all from the network Reds Qin fire fire, Li two split four ", coined? Yesterday, the national public security authorities to concentrate on combating organized manufacturing network spread rumors and other illegal crime special action kicked off. The rumors are not limited to the wise, but beyond the next rumor "look up to as the standard the Qin fire fire, Li two split four" and others, on suspicion of affray crime and the crime of illegal criminal detention by Beijing police. Vice Minister of the Ministry of public security after Fu Zhenghua took office, set fire to the first network crime.

people report

Qin fire fire to discredit the image of Lei Feng

it is understood that Qin fire fire was the police investigation, due to reports of the masses. In April this year, a serious discredit Lei Feng imageinformation is the net Qin fire fire were posted on the Internet and the rapid spread of information, called "Lei Feng in 1959 for his new jacket, wool trousers, black shoes and a full set of high-end costume, leather jacket, wool pants, shoes together at 90 yuan about a month, and Lei Feng was only six dollars." This news caused a large number of users on the quotqin firequot discontent, warning the public security organs in Beijing received many netizens, demanding a thorough investigation about the image of Lei Feng rumormaker.

Beijing police quickly carry out the investigation, found that the Qin fire fire, Li two split four "led by Beijing Erma interactive marketing planning Co. (hereinafter referred to as Erma company), specializing in manufacturing network through the Internet to plan events, deliberately spread rumors and vulgar kitsch information, malicious infringement of reputation, and seriously disrupted the network order illegal profiteering.

police investigation

more than 3 thousand

rumors pass rumors

according to the police investigation, Erma company in order to improve network visibility and influence, in order to better illegal profit, has planned, created a series of network hot events, attracting fans to make their own network quickly became a celebrity, such as "7· 23 motor car after the accident, two people of fabricating and spreading Chinese government spent 200 million yuan price compensation for foreign visitors in the online rumors, two hours will be forwarded 12 thousand times, inciting people against the government’s discontent. In addition, two people on the Internet made up the so-called Lei Feng living in luxury plot, Zhang Haidi national CDPF chairman has.