Ten years together to create a classic Discuz series of classic products review

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ten years to create a classic Discuz series of classic products review

webmaster friends, remember Discuz! Official website of those 5 years ago, the old ID old faces? Remember Discuz! 1, 1 and Discuz! Discuz! 5.5 "long" what? In the past ten years, Comsenz in the head of the company along the way, the launch of a number of classic products, has become the community power, leading the trend of the development of the community. In the upcoming Comsenz ten anniversary of the "stationmaster" magazine especially looking back over the past ten years the number of classic Discuz! Products, and those who always accompany so webmaster friends, I would like to accompany and support for more Discuz! Discuz! The webmaster expressed heartfelt gratitude.


Discuz! 1 – Discuz! Starting station

C in the development of Discuz! 1 of the time, we must not think of commercial Discuz! 1, free and open source Discuz! 4, and now the cross-border integration of the Discuz! X series; Discuz! The 1 template function, may also be Discuz! The most humble series, the most simple. But without it, there is no number of classic products later. So, Discuz! 1 is like the Discuz, the class of products, "starting point" and "gas station", as the constant encouragement of Discuz, the follow-up products step by step improvement, innovation, leading the trend of community development.

many grassroots webmaster, it develops step by step? Many successful webmaster, when at the beginning of the construction of the community, also never thought can be achieved popularity with profit today, just hold promise not to abandon, do not give up the belief grew bigger, gradually improve their products according to the market demand, a step toward success. This "from small to large", "do not give up", "market oriented" concept is not only to say Discuz! 1, also applies to the community.


Discuz! 2 – Commercial

from a technical point of view, Discuz! 2 is not a fully mature products, the main reason is that some of the existence of BUG, and the BUG did not receive a timely repair official; but in the community are poor in these BUG did not affect Discuz! 2 as a practical and urgent need of the market and community products recognized by users; from the beginning of 2, > Discuz!