Wei Wu Feng Web site share behind the network value

share? Or collection?

a few years ago, there is a "network" service is fire, the large sites are involved, including Sina, and like the traditional station, including blog China that the bright younger generation. The Native American version of this service is a website named del.icio.us (Chinese name for Delicious Bookmarks, later renamed delicious.com). Provide this service in general: if you see an article that feels good, you can start a button to collect the article. Feeling and adds it to the browser favorites are similar, but in fact there are two points: first, different people use general favorites is a collection of Web sites, rather than "(think of your collection of hundreds of pages to Favorites extremely messy), second, the west is in the east of the favorites on the local computer, if you change a computer, you can not see it.

, however, the main selling point of this service is not a collection, but share". You can share what you think is good to your friends on that site". The main reason to share, the reason lies in the fact that the network is behind the sharing, also known as the Metcalf principle: network value equal to the node square. As more and more users use this kind of service, they are connected with each other to share information with each other.

later development is: Delicious Bookmarks were bought by YAHOO, and "YAHOO means to destroy the destruction of" this practice, it has since faded out of sight. As for the domestic imitators, whether it is independent of the 365key.com, or those websites do bookmarking service, without exception, all disappeared.

the reason is very complicated. On the one hand, the Internet has more "sharing" services, such as the Google Reader RSS reader allows users to share, on the other hand, the abuse of domestic network (many small sites using the service from the station where Daoteng flow) is one of the reasons the rapid demise of the service. But on the whole, I personally think that this service has been in the "collection" and "share" these two things wavering. From the use of context, the two functions, in fact, is not the same thing.

on the network, especially the open network, people use "share" service the most original motivation is "vanity", by sharing, to show their taste and style to others, or show their unique news channel. No relationship between open sharing and confidentiality, because of privacy and show off, largely contradictory.

but the collection is not. Collection is more focused on the actual needs, but also focus on the nature of privacy. There is a joke on the Internet: every Chinese male student’s computer is alive with a Sora Aoi. Many people collect things, but he / she may not be willing to let others know that they have collections, especially in the open real name system of the network >