Three new board on the Chinese version of the NASDAQ is what policy bonus bonus

Abstract: from 2015 to date, the new board will exceed the market value of 5 years of Shenzhen, 8 years of SSE, 10-12 will be more than two exchange sum. Three new board hot, that is, the government, enterprises, PE/VC, brokerage and investors win-win results; all parties can find their own interests in the new three board market, will naturally create a market boom.

lead: as of June 1st, three new board listed a total of 2492 enterprises, only from May 22nd to 29 days a week there are 35 companies listed on the new board. The reason why "enterprise madness" pursuit of landed three new board, the new board is mainly affected by the policy support, and compared to A shares listed on the lower threshold, help enterprises to broaden the financing channels, and the market maker system was born, more for the new board hot new wings. VC/PE is also actively seize the Chinese version of the Nasdaq, the Hong Kong Pacific Fund is more than Xiong Baoxin said to be three".


is not equal to the successful listing of successful switch board, at present the success from the three new board to the gem / small board a total of 11 enterprises, but these enterprises board still not open around the IPO link, not turn in the true sense, how to realize the urgent need to get rid of the plate between the direct docking is also three new board on the journey the threshold. In addition, the proximity of the registration system may also make three new board heat.

investment community exclusive planning three new board theme month will be from the enterprise, institutions, public ownership and government level, multi angle, full exposure of the new board, and explore the new three board the future journey, please look forward to!


the new three board market especially in Zhongguancun science and Technology Park unlisted Limited by Share Ltd to enter the pilot agency share transfer of the system, because the listed companies are high-tech enterprises listed company delisting companies and the original STAQ, NET system which is different from the original transfer system, so called "the new three board". The significance of the new three board is mainly for the company, will give the company, the company has brought great benefits. Third board market originated in 2001, equity agency transfer system, the first to undertake two network companies and delisting company, known as the old three board". In 2006, Zhongguancun science and Technology Park unlisted company to enter the transfer system of share transfer pricing, called the new board ". With the gradual improvement of the new three board market, China will gradually form a multi-level capital market system, including the main board, the gem, the OTC market and the property market. Three new board and the biggest difference between the old three board is a pair of transactions, and now set the 30% range, more than the extent of the information should be open to both buyers and sellers.

was called the first three new board of the Pacific Securities vice president Cheng Xiaoming has always believed that the new board will become China’s Nasdaq, China will become the largest exchange. According to the forecast, from 2015 to date, the new board will exceed the market value of 5 years of Shenzhen, 8 years of SSE, sum of 10-12 will be more than two of the stock exchange. The new three board hot, is the government, >