The State Administration for ndustry and Commerce investigating major cases of network marketing to

in new network on 1 July, according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce website news, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently issued a notice requirement, to carry out combat and network marketing cases before action should be fully considered possible, make emergency plans, report to the local Party committee and government in a timely manner, the unstable factors in the bud, to prevent the occurrence of mass incidents the. To investigate and deal with the case of network marketing cases occurred in the group, under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, according to the law properly disposed of in the local, and earnestly safeguard social stability.

SAIC recently issued on the further investigation and handling of the work of the network marketing notice. The "Circular" pointed out that in recent years, the illegal activities of network marketing has become increasingly prominent, especially with the development of mobile Internet, online shopping, such as cross-border electricity supplier network concept and marketing mode, the so-called "derivative" "business" and "multi-layer distribution" and "consumption and investment" and "mutual love" and the name It is often seen. engaged in marketing activities.

The characteristics of

network MLM activities due to virtual, the behavior of the subject and the subject of the cross regional, compared with the traditional marketing is more hidden, deceptive and harmful to society, the case of network marketing is often spread fast, involving personnel, spread widely, the amount of large, serious damage to the interests of the masses and the impact of social harmony and stability.

the "notice" requirement, strengthen the network marketing case clues gathering judgments. Industry and commerce, market supervision departments at all levels through the masses, open network information browsing, the relevant departments to explore clues handed way, carefully combing screening network marketing case clues, to discover and identify suspected of engaging in illegal pyramid activities from web sites and web pages, using network survey, field verification and analysis of suspicious financial transactions and other means to strengthen the online with the remote electronic data evidence collection, fixation and analysis work, get involved units and personnel, bank accounts, the scope of activities, activity place, server and site location and activities in the region and other information, in conjunction with the relevant departments to take prompt measures to ferret expanding line, tracing the source, determine the target.

notice proposed to strengthen the preparation and investigation of network MLM cases. County, municipal, industrial and commercial market regulatory authorities to investigate the case of network marketing, should be before the registration or filing and submitted by the provincial industry and commerce, market supervision department. The reported content should include: the subject name, the main use of the network platform for the marketing activities of the official domain name and membership management platform of domain name, name, registration or domicile of the main people involved, the sources of clues, and briefly introduces the case filing time etc..

, the market supervision department for Industry and commerce at all levels should further improve the case of network marketing data forensics capabilities, in accordance with the relevant provisions of evidence, when necessary to entrust the third party electronic data or technical service agencies to assist the judicial identification of evidence, electronic evidence, to ensure effective.

local industry and commerce, market supervision departments should strengthen the supervision of search engines, social platforms, third party trading platform, the third party payment tools and other network service providers