Google began to allow users to block domain names in search results

March 11th news, according to foreign media reports, Google is adding a feature for its search engine to allow users to block all links in the search results specific domain name. After the user clicks on a search result link and returns to Google, the user will see a link below this result. This link will block all pages of the domain name in the future search results.

Google search and Beverly Champaneria Quality Engineer Amay Yang Thursday said in a blog, we will add the new function, because we think control you find search results to you will be in the Google search engine to provide a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

although everyone can take advantage of this feature, however, Google will only be logged in Google account and confirm their blockade of the user to store those blocked domain name.

when a user runs a query and search results when the domain name contains the user has been blocked, Google will display a prompt, pointed out that many domains have been hidden and display the choice of the domain name.

users also have the opportunity to assess and manage their domain names in their own Google account search preferences.

Google this feature in this Thursday and Friday in the English version of the search engine. This function first appears only in the following browser: Chrome 9 versions of the browser, IE 8 version of the browser and Firefox version 3.5 browser. Google will add more language and browser.