Net win the world behind the stall net goods platform from the financial risk exposure


net loan investor Mike, the most recent investment in his net loan since the most disturbing moment. But before the net loan Juankuan run away, strong wind and big waves, Mike still with own set of net loan investment rules and shrewd observation to get out, and now, a net win the world’s net lending platform off but let Mike big shock events.

net loan investment veteran panic

net win event a great influence on us, if I go to investigate, maybe will vote, this part is not caught in luck." Mike told the first financial daily "financial" reporters.

Mike is a senior net loan investors, a few years later visited hundreds of net loan platform, smart industry, has created a "new decentralized net loan investment law", has become the object of many net loan investors follow the. Since the Mike contact net loan, almost did not encounter a large loss, which is partly due to his rich experience. Perhaps more experience, perhaps good luck, in addition to a small loss caused by negligence, there has not been a risk event, to earn a few million a year." Mike told reporters.

however, recently Mike and his buddies started to worry, the reason is called a network to win the world’s net loan platform funds strand breaks, and net win the world risk very suddenly, broke the risk from the site set up to only 4 months.

Mike in the net loan investors are known as playing a new family". In accordance with the investment ideas of Mike, he only cast new sites, and only three months after the establishment of the vote; a high degree of dispersion of funds to a number of net loan; general hand income in the year around 40%. "For a long time who also said it was not clear, as long as the feeling of the strength of the shareholders can not go bankrupt within a short period of time, then we will shoot." Mike told reporters.

therefore, net win the world risk events occurred in a short period of four months, greatly shaken Mike investment strategy.

in early August this year, was established only 4 months of net win the world he published an open letter that has a full cessation of all net loan business, is only responsible for debt repayment arrangements before. In a short span of 4 months, the total turnover of the platform has been nearly $780 million, as of now, the platform loan balance of about $150 million, involving more than 1500 investors. In the next month, the net win all the world will be subject to 118 million of the loan funds expire.

network to win the event has been able to set off a great disturbance in investors, there are two reasons, first, network to win the world looks shareholder strength, they claimed to be a listed company owned by the company. Net win the world’s network lending platform is to win the world by Agel Ecommerce Ltd Shenzhen operations, founded in March 28, 2013. The company registered capital of 20 million yuan, is a quasi listed companies set up a network lending platform." Net win the world in its company introduction