China Unicom wo cn enabled the icing on the cake CN domain name registration is only 19 9 yuan

domain name: the latest information for the 4G communication is about to usher in a better war began at the end of last year, China Unicom in the CN domain China sunrise period successfully applied to in the current has been enabled for the "fertile" portal website domain name, before "compared to the fertile portal official domain name ( to be short and easy to remember. Is the icing on the cake for" Wo "brand.

in addition, the Alibaba recently also moves constantly, Ali Pro Pinyin domain CN ( by virtual operators Ali communications official website owned by Ali is enabled; venture capital circles and enable acquisition of, which marks the CN domain name to rise again.

COM is recognized as the domain name in the domain name registration in the market "the sun", users in the site of the first reaction is to register a COM domain name, but as everyone knows, resources in the COM domain name is now faced with the food and drink in the vast situation, now want to register a good domain name COM is very difficult, often need spend huge amounts of money to buy.

although imperceptibly CN domain name has gone through ten years of wind and rain, but compared to the COM domain name is still very young, very rich in resources, CN domain name clear China logo is Chinese to China development of enterprises and the best choice for the enterprise, the user can easily self registered to comply with the site’s good name.

in the enterprise to the development of electronic commerce today, the domain registrar is such as a spring, domain name registration number, in order to seize the market, a lot of domain name registration business have a low price to attract users, such as Internet service providers, the linkage of the world industry eighth (http://s. to the whole network lowest 19.9 yuan promotional CN domain name. Faced with such a low price will be able to register a good domain name CN, allowing users to low cost, fast into the ranks of e-commerce, there is no reason to choose CN domain name?