Tiexue founder Jiang Lei Community electricity supplier tactics

Tiexue trump is doing business by the military community collection of high viscosity user, if the brand went smoothly, Jiang Lei grabbed naturally or half unconsciously, another magic weapon: vertical electricity supplier bargaining power


in recent years, the network founder Jiang Lei portrayed by the media as the boy genius like: 16 years old walks Tsinghua University, founded the military network, 20 walks Shuoboliandu, dropped out of business. Today, Chinese Tiexue ranked ten independent military sites list, jagged military products has become a military Chinese largest e-commerce site.

September 13th afternoon, at the 2012 China Internet Conference, Jiang Lei elaborated on their future planning. Do 11 years of the site, the electricity supplier for the past 4 years, and now I feel I want to enter the manufacturing industry." He paused, slowing the tempo, "although some people say that the manufacturing industry and the water is too deep, by agents of foreign military brand is also good, but the change Chinese military supplies behind, beyond the foreign military clothing brand, this is more important for me." The audience applauded.

at the end of 2011, after the forty or fifty military agent import brand, brand decided Tiexue (Dragon Tooth), was committed to creating the first brand China tactical equipment. According to Jiang Lei, this is a small step for his return to the ideal.

dropout entrepreneurship

Take the elevator to the

is located in Haidian District Danleng Street wealth building 17 floor, the oncoming is jagged military products store. The goods have a superb collection of beautiful things that one of the most famous M65 windbreaker. Operation Department, marketing department, game department, electricity supplier department…… Tiexue on this floor spread, more than and 200 staff at the computer hammering.

Liu Wei is the vice president of network operations, 7 years ago he was a member of the forum, many fans in for love, where he is seeking a job. He was surprised to see Jiang Lei for the first time. "Always think ‘River tears’ should be a more than and 30 year old middle-aged man, how can so young." "The river of tears" is Jiang Lei in Tiexue ID, often visiting the energy-saving knows he is Tiexue boss, then he is only 20 years old.

Jiang Lei pushed open the door, and seven years ago is almost the same, the dark green military shirt, a pair of black glasses, white face, wrinkled her nose unconsciously. I see in the browse Tiexue red brochure, joked: "there is a saying, once enterprises start printing this exquisite booklet that is dying." No wonder Zhao Yuhao, vice president of marketing, said that over the years there have been many changes in the Jiang Lei. "I don’t know how to talk before, but now I’m not very talkative, but I can communicate well with others."

founder Jiang Lei Tiexue: Community electricity supplier



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