Grassroots webmaster how to make a pot of gold

with the popularity of such programs now CMS increase, the construction of a web site easier and more, claiming that the webmaster is also more and more, but can rely on the site to live less than 1%!

A lot of people directly under the

CMS, a template to do a website, or any construction site a site to find, hoping the website can make money, how could it do people each is a millionaire.


network to make money, not the site is difficult, but business thinking. Next, we’ll talk about how to use the site to make money.

normal way to make money: 1, investment, 2, 3, to buy the products, services, investment, make money fast, but you have money to invest is not grass, I am 08 years open website studio, belongs to the service industry, the service industry can really make money, but will be very tired, look at the face of customer also, not to earn a lot of money, for that you do for the customer service company, when you look at yourself rather different, can not reach the state, to achieve, you can do, or you choose to sell products, sales of products is the best way to the grassroots, regardless of network marketing, marketing or reality.

many people think that network marketing needs a lot of technology, in fact, I have 7 friends on Internet marketing to make money, also can earn 200 thousand of at least one year, their website is I used to give them to do, they are not used to connect website backstage. Tell them once in a while. Then talk about specific methods.

first: product selection

many owners also want to sell products, but do not know what to sell, in fact, we do not lack the most is the product, the lack of discovery of the eyes, perhaps gold on your side, but you did not find. Now the Internet spread product selection method is: the woman must be beautiful, business to make money, children will learn to like healthy elderly, these products profit is large, but the competition is more fundamental, grassroots operation is not up.

my advice is to sell local products, this is your gold, I was in Jingdezhen, of course, is a specialty ceramics, I think the trouble began selling Ceramics, packaging, such as breakage are long winded, give up, began to think that the female supplies profit big, find a business 50 percent off goods, but others online the retail price is 50 percent off, how to sell their stock? How much cost, we are the grassroots. Finally let me make a pot of gold or porcelain.

since it is a specialty, you can easily master the first-hand resources, they have is the best, the advantage of these products is the price, you can control the quality, foreigners certainly compete with you, you say, this kind of product on my side there are a lot of people to sell ah, so, you have to classify products, such as selling tea, tea can be divided into: – ceramic tea – painted ceramic tea set, can also be broken down. It’s easy for you to do this kind of industry.

product profit, a simple interest.