Ming share two kinds of induced images again

Ming in the Ming: introduce three kinds of simple and practical guide to click on the picture by everyone like. The Ming just found two kinds of good to do the induction of the picture, so also in the first time to introduce to you, I hope you can help the webmaster website promotion. Make sure you don’t need a lot of art. At the same time to get a good click effect.

This picture is the key of

$50 prepaid card has a certain appeal to all users, and set the problem to ensure that is interesting and easy to ensure that most people know the answer, can click on the answer or desire, your problem is enough to attract people, can make most people want to know the answer. This is the crux of the problem, artists themselves play. There’s no art. Immediately the answer in the text can best engage in a link. This can make some curious people move.

do garbage download station owners know this way. The download link is false, is generally a link to download some alliance promotion software, such as Maxthon, thunder etc.. Some even some plug-in viruses. Effect is not good. But the effect is real, can not deny. In fact, this picture can be extended to a novel station, a small game station, music station. Recommend the best cooperation with Baidu. For example, the novel station, you can collect some popular novels, but no new article, then give a very eye-catching picture link, for example, to view the latest content please click, and then go to Baidu search above, preferably some high price popular keyword, and your website user may be interested in. Of course, this way is limited to the garbage station. Do the webmaster want to use caution.