The Qihoo 360 in the safety in the name of the bundled brand marketing



mountain hanyueLet us look at the

since the start of the year, 360 in the brand marketing what things to do.

March 11, 2014, Microsoft Chinese announced a close cooperation with the well-known security vendor 360 company, which launched the 360 security guards XP fighters continue to provide security protection for Chinese 200 million Windows XP users, while providing a convenient windows8 upgrade program. In April 14th 360, AUX officially launched on cooperation in intelligent air conditioning, 360 vice president Shen Haiyin told the media that: 360 to cut through a router, home internet. In April 15th 360, with the domestic well-known insurance company Taikang Life reached a strategic cooperation, announced the official launch of the "safe sail" project launched the "stay fly" products, the first national free aviation accident model, year insurance amounted to 1 million yuan, to provide security for the 1 billion 300 million Chinese airlines, which is inspired by the Malaysia Airlines incident do. In April 28th, 360 mobile phone guards and film "overheard 3" creative team held a joint strategic cooperation conference, announced its cooperation with the film "overheard 3" launched a full depth, while the official launch of 519 mobile phone security, public action, but also with the film, in the exclusive launch of two anti – Privacy anti eavesdropping, interception function call eavesdropping. June 21st, in the Transformers 4 China premiere, the 360 is Transformers’s only designated security partner in the.

readers can according to the above 360 since the start of the action to find some points: XP provide users with security, borrow 360 security router into the smart Home Furnishing Internet, and domestic life insurance company launched the "safety sailing project", to "overheard 3" to cooperate to launch two anti eavesdropping function, become the "Transformers 4" security cooperation partner. We can learn from these points: 360 in the name of "security" for a series of bundled brand marketing.

homeopathy from the commanding heights to build marketing concept

is the world’s most users use the operating system with the longest history provided by the intelligent router security escort, cut into the smart Home Furnishing Internet, by Malaysia Airlines incident inspired and domestic life insurance companies start life safety sailing project, using the hit film homeopathy launched two anti eavesdropping function, become the "Transformers 4" security partners "to defend the safety of the earth" in 360, bundled marketing of its "security" in the name of a series of actions, all according to the characteristics of their products, and do some associates in "bandits" (I will allow me to say so, because in many Internet users in the heart, 360 is still a rogue image), from a "thought" or "moral" vantage point for Internet users to build up a "safe" in the name of the concept of brand marketing, to make his name into the security vendor Enter people.

hot background events to help

mentioned above in the 360 brand marketing, the use of hot background things