Baidu map ranking optimization LBS marketing tips inside Baidu map

Baidu maps for

were removed from the search marketing Tongren is not what new things. Often can encounter such a question in the QQ group, Baidu map how to mark? Now Baidu maps can not be labeled? Who knows the Baidu map ranking optimization rules?

if you are still a simple reply, "Baidu maps can not be marked now, before you can." So you’re OUT. Baidu maps has been revised for Baidu maps local merchant Center ( and free open tagging service. So follow Li Zilai to see the Baidu map tagging steps.

1, prepare a Baidu account, and then find the map marked entrance. According to the "Qingdao gold" as an example.


2, in order to facilitate the Baidu map ranking optimization, it is recommended to add the name of the place as far as possible when the key words. For example: Qingdao Shuangzhan Yuesao training center. In order to improve the search for "Qingdao Yuesao" occurs when the address.




3, after the completion of the above, there will probably be 5-7 working days of the audit time. To facilitate the adoption of the audit, as far as possible to remind everyone qualified. Increase the probability of audit.

After the adoption of the

audit, the ideal state is as follows:


of course, if you have passed the audit, you will find that there are more fun backstage. If you want to know what, listen to it next time decomposition. In this article, the original starting in plum blog Original: reprint please keep the address. Thank you